Former army official, Silvanus Kwange has been left in stun in the case of discovering that his son in-law Christopher Chori. impregnated his lovely wife, .

Mr Kwange, a local of Tiv from Taraba State, was married to Priscilla for about 10 years now without a single issue. He wedded her after the death of his first spouse.

Mr Kwange was encouraged to ask Priscilla to leave for good yet Christopher, his son in-law wedded to his little girl Faith, prompted him against this. Confidence and Christopher who have been hitched for more than four years respected their first kid in May 2019 yet their delight was shortlived as she kicked the bucket seven days after from inconveniences from the caesarian area she experienced.

Priscilla was advised to leave their home in Taraba and move in with Christopher to nurture the child. One thing prompted another and they started engaging in s**xual relations and she got pregnant for him.

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