Many people do not know the history of aircraft in Nigeria, while many thought that civilizations starts and end in Lagos, some starts in Nigeria have their fair share of the feat through. According to Jafaar Jafaar, he was able to analyse about the first flight that happened in Bauch in 1928.

Three years after the first aircraft landed in Kano, Bauchi people also had their own share of the spectacle in 1928.

In preparation for the arrival of the aircraft, an expanse of land was cleared by prisoners to serve as the aerodrome about half a mile from Bauchi.

After their long flight from Egypt, the planes made an impressive landing on the hastily improvised aerodrome before a large crowd of native chiefs, spectators and entertainers.

The first picture shows the arrival of the second plane, which made the best landing.

The second picture shows the Emir of Bauchi Yakubu Usmanu leading other traditional rulers in the province to see one of the aeroplanes immediately after landing.

The third picture shows the young Emir of Misau Ahmadu dan Tafida seated in the cockpit of one of the ‘planes.

The fourth picture shows the chief mechanic of the aircraft, while the fifth and sixth pictures show drummers and entertainers at the grand event.

*The Sphere of August 25, 1928, dedicated a full page to feature the event.

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