See What Zlatan Ibile replied follower who begged him for some money to pay his school fees

Controversialist and Nigerian rapper called Zlatan Ibile has caused a significant buzz on social media following his reaction to a fan who had requested for some cash to pay his school fees.

The follower asked Zlatan Ibile to assist him with money to pay for his school fees into school following quite a while of attempting to get the affirmation. He disclosed to him this may be God letting him know not to go to class.

Today, another fan chose to attempt his karma. He asked for cash to pay his education fee in the University. The fan stated; “broh plss before celebrating recall a brother here battling in all structure for his school fees I figure out how to pay for acknowledgment expense yet the school fees I can’t manage the cost of and this is the second time that absence of class .” . Zlatan’s reaction nonetheless, was a long way from what the person had anticipated. Answering to the tweet, the Zlatan said

“Guy drop out!! You manage pay acceptance fee? You go manage pay school fee, departmental fee, handout you go wan rent hostel, chop, still wan get one girlfriend wey you go they grease once in a while all this thing na still money!”

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