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See What X’pointz Said In An Interview With GalantMedia About – Naija Upcoming Artist

Posted By:  on  April 23, 2019

INTERVIEW: X’pointz Said, He Placed Noting Above His Music

Watch How X’pointz Replied GalantMedia In An Interview – Talks About Naija Upcoming Artistes

Godwin Felix Effiong, often called “X’pointz” is a devoted Nigerian afro and hip pop musician, hails from Okobo Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State

On 22nd April, X’pointz was opportuned to express himself through an interview with GalantMedia Nigeria, to say his mind, as an upcoming artist what inspired him to go into music, what drives his passion and the biggest challenge and problems he had in Nigerian music industry.

The most interesting part “i placed nothing above my music” X’pointz said. See below for full details about his interview.


What’s your stage name

My stage name is X’pointz

When, where and How did you start music?

Started from my Hometown (Okobo L.G.A) in Akwa Ibom State. At the age of 13 (2007) and that was back then in the church choir, 5years in the choir and i started developing interest for circular music when wizkid came through, i felt inspired and started writing songs… But officially i started doing music in the year 2016 that was when i recorded my first song.

• Are you signed to any record label?

No, not yet signed.

• Which instruments do you play?

I play keyboard, but not that perfect tho.

• What was the first tune(s) you learned? And which genre do you prefer?

The first tune i learnt was ABI YOU NO KNOW SAY JEHOVAH NA God. I prefer afrobeat

• What difference are you making in the music industry?

The different is versatility, trying to do things in a different way, like bringing different sounds together, afrobeat, Hip hop, dancehall and the output is what i call AFROHIP.

• How do you balance your music with other obligations like school & job?

I place nothing above my music, not in school for now, so i try as much as possible to make out time for my music and other stuffs at the ratio of 50:50

• Have you been in competitions? Concerts, radio, TV?

Sure, like ICONS@Vision africa fm, Talent Hunt @Flo fm, Talentafrica @Penthouse africa etc.

• Have you won music award since when you started

Not really, though i’ve won many other prizes like money, sponsorship and more.

• Do you perform in public?

Sure I do

• Are your songs also the regular “commercial” music recommended in Nigeria?

I would say yes

• What influence your lyrics or what inspires you to write songs?

Mostly, the state or emotion at the moment when the inspirations hit me.. The environment and lifestyle also do… Good music inspires me a lot

• Whats the Title of your Song trending now on air and when did you released it?

DO” was released last year 2018 and its doing amazingly well out there, followed by “GOVERNMENT” released this year.


• Whats the biggest problem you’ve had and challenges to overcome so far?’

My biggest problem was lack of support and encouragement, you know being born into a family where no one sees entertainment as a suitable career one should pursue, you are always on your own, and if you are into it already everyone sees you as a good for nothing person, useless, and wasted, it was very hard for me trying to cope as long as i couldnt bear to lose my family, but i thank God now the story is the opposite.

• ‘What do you enjoy most about being an artist?

What i enJoy most about being an artist is the Joy of being me, doing what i dreamt of years ago, doing what i love doing, being recognised..

• What do you hate most?’

I hate lies, fake life and maltreatment

• If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?’

It will be the FREE PLATFORM issue that is seriously affecting upcoming artist nowadays

• With the little fame youve gotten already, how do you treat your female fans

My fans are the real family cos without them there will be no X’pointz, so i treat them as family with love and respect.

• How will you feel when you become more popular

I will feel great

• What’s the most memorable thing a female fan once did to you?

A kiss on stage… Twas embarassing but then a memory

• Which famous musician do you admire? And what have you learned from him/her?

StarBoy Wizkid, i learn to be versatile and consistent just as he is

• Which record label will you love to be sign-in

Starboy records, DMW or Mavin records

• How far do you plan to take your career?


• What can you say about new music that lacks messages going viral on air

Well, everyone focuses aren’t the same, its either music as a passion or music as a business… And most artist focuses on the business part, like what kinda songs the environs listens and vibes to, or what kinda music is making more sales and they go into it… Am not FOR or AGAINST it though, am just on the fence…. Its all about choices.

• Many young artistes have made it and lost. What are your plans to avoid the same mistakes

Consitency and accuracy… when you impress someone you dont rest after, you keep doing it, leave no chances, keep the flag flying

• What’s the passion that’ keeps you doing music?

The passion is MUSIC itself.

• What advice would you give to beginners willing to become an artist

The road is rough and difficult to sail through. But hey you cant afford to give up, keep your straigt up on the dreams… See it and be it, let nothing discourage you, you may not be good enough but you can always improve, believe in you, people may not but you gotta build self-confident, and let God into you hustle because you cant without him. Thanks

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