NAIJA NEWS: How Man Slept In BANK Toilet With The Intent To Steal

The Delta State Police Command has captured a man who gone through the night in Sterling Bank toilet in Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta, he slept inside with the intent to steal some amount.

As indicated by reports, the thief was found inside the bank’s latrine in the Uvwie Local Government Area of Delta State when representatives continued work toward the beginning of the day. He was said to have been gotten by workers of the bank and gave over to the police while attempting to turn out from the spot. A source in the bank stated: “The suspect got access into the bank’s bathroom during working hours on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, with the expectation of taking from the moneylender.

“In the first part of the day, he was running out from the bank in the wake of gathering the cash left on the counter when laborers of the bank saw him and cautioned others, who got hold of him and gave him over to the police.”

The Delta State Commissioner of Police, Mr Adeyinka Adeleke, who witness what happened “Truly, it is valid.

The man covered up himself inside the saved money with the aim of stealing it, yet he was arrested by police while attempting to escape in the morning.

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