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Police Arrest Akwa Ibom Upcoming Artist “WilJay” For Beating Up Vigilante In OPAY Company

Posted By:  on  January 3, 2020

— Police Arrest Akwa Ibom Upcoming Artist “WilJay” After He Fought Vigilante, Beats Up Policeman In OPAY Company

— Nigerian Artiste Wiljay Aniedi Narrates How/Why Police Arrest Him As A Promoter In OPAY Company

— True Story Behind Wiljay Aniedi Arrest; How He Was Thrown Into Ikot Akpan Abia Prison

— Singer Wiljay Punches Police Man, Gave Him Serious Blow In The Face After OPAY Manager Refused To Pay His Salary

— “How I Got Arrested On 28th October 2019”

— Musician ‘Wil’Jay’ Aniedi Tell His Experience With Nigerian Police Force

— Forcemen Caught Wiljay Aniedi Arrested For Fighting OPAY Security – Keke Napep Transport

Nigerian secular artiste WilJay Aniedi who was involved in police arrest last year for beating up forceman in OPAY company has been set free by government authorities

The fast rising singer hails from Akwa Ibom state, Wiljay on Friday morning shocks the internet and left social media users talking after he narrated the incident that caused him to fight a Nigerian police in OPAY company which later lead to his arrest and three months jailed term in ikot akpan abia

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Earlier November2019 I joined a company called #OPAY and I was working there as a promoter in the company. It was on the 28th of October,l went to the company to receive my payment. As the payment was going on n on,the man in charge of payment took a break n made an announcement that he is paying those that worked from 16th of October to 21st of October and that people that worked from 22nd n thereabout will receive their payment the following day. When he said this,we all pleaded with him that he should please pay us at once.

As we were saying this repeatedly, someone from no way that was not even a promoter or staff in the company came in and began to capture us pictures with his cellphone so when we noticed that,we all shouted at the man asking him why he should be taking us pictures that he should delete the picture but he wouldn’t listen so I pointed him finger on the face and say “big man delete this picture”immediately I did that,the police man that was brought to secure the man in charge of payment then left his duty post and used the handle of his gun and hit it on my mouth,hit it on my head and gave me a wound. He hit me so well that I couldn’t even say a word, that was when I grabbed his uniform on the neck blow him like 2times on his face,after blowing him I tried to run and escape from him in other to prevent him from arming me and immediately I ran he cogged his rifle and shoot it directly on me, how I manage to dutch bullet I don’t know and all my hope was that he was shooting it on the sky unknown to me that the bullet has went and catch the Keke Rider that was next to me,even with dis, the idiot was still chasing me.When he came and catch me, he stood there and call policemen to come over that he has arrested a suspect,

so when we match down to the work place again I then noticed how blood filled everywhere,I began to check my self n I found nothing like serious wound I was wondering where such blood cud come from, when I turned my eyes I noticed how they were rushing to take a Keke Rider to the hospital 15minutes after policemen arrived in their Hilux and picked me to “c” division at aka etinan when we got to the station it was around 7pm so they decided to detained me till the following day for statement,the following morning my IPO came and call me out to get the statement from me,as I was writing the statement she then told me that the Keke rider that was shoot is dead.Instantly the case turns to murder case hmmmmm.

2days laters they transferred me from “c” division to Federal SARS Sail ikot akpan abia and the policeman was still with his uniform I was like “goat chop casava Dem cum catch chicken tie leg howfar hmmmmm” when we got to SARS we went to the commander’s office, the commander then asked me what happened I stated everything that happened clearly. They now ask the “Udo obot” what happened he then gave his statement when he finish giving his statement the commander then commanded him to pull off his uniform,he got the rifle in which he used from him and registered it and also gave him a detention order so we were both taken to the sail. Type “#OLUWA_PASS_DEM lemme tell yhu how SARS sail bin de #wiljaykedo #ONLIGHOD

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