The real name of Okikidft is Daudu Fruitfulness. T. Okikijesu is a talented actor and comedian from Nigeria.

He is one among the performers now dominating the Nigerian music scene thanks to his incredible parody.

Okikidft is a native of Lagos State in Nigeria and was born on May 24 in Agege.

In Lagos, Okikidft began his comedy and acting career. He also began developing his own ideas and putting them into action visually.

Together with his colleagues Sydney Talker, Nastyblaq, Lordlamba, e.t.c., Okikidft makes full use of social media to connect with each audience.

After posting multiple series of Instagram comedy skits starring several of his coworkers, the gifted comic gained notoriety.

It is noteworthy that Okikidft stated that his net worth is still unknown, indicating that he has kept his net worth a secret for personal reasons.