In an effort to protest the release of their colleagues who had been detained by the EFCC, some OAU students took matters into their own hands and boarded buses to the agency’s office.

During a raid on several off-campus dorms at the university today, EFCC agents detained over sixty students without a search warrant.

This was verified by the EFCC today on their website, where they stated that they had retrieved 190 cell phones and 9 exotic cars as part of their intelligence-based arrest.

OAU students demonstrating outside the EFCC office.

The university students were infuriated by this because they felt that the law enforcement agency had violated their human rights and had not followed due process.

The OAU students were protesting the release of their fellow colleagues despite being blocked from entering by EFCC officials brandishing guns and repeatedly telling them to move back.

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@AdiqsBirdman enquired, “Why do you go raid students’ hostels at midnight? That’s wrong, na.”

“Who like himself who go disturb OAU boys? Anything wey una see make una collect am like that,” said @bloody_citizen.

@Oluwanishola_00 commented: It’s got to end! Refuse to be robbed under false pretences. Reject unlawful extortion. #cutEFCC

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