BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian Force (SARS) Announce War To Anybody that Goes Against The Law

Police force, SARS in one mind have announced to treat and punish anybody that goes against the law passed into constitution by Nigerian government .

The hash tag #End_sars has already dominated the social media and internet users can likely relate. With the aim to keep a corrupt-free country it is gathered that SARS as part of the Nigerian force is back to sit as watchdogs to monitor illegal moves , with absolute security measures .

Few months ago, countless of Yahoo boys were arrested for involvement in internet fraud, looting money from the white people best understood as “Scam” and those doing immoral activities using electronic gadgets were not left out.

Now, reports had it that SARS are fully prepared to and sent to secure every streets to scan out law breakers and to severely deal with anyone that trespass the order .