Mothers and Daughters In-law movie producers, Kehinde Olorunyomi and Adewunmi Odukoya at the movie premiere recently in Lagos

Mary Nnah

Several ladies have complained of having a problematic relationship with their mothers-in-law. While this is not the situation for all mothers and daughters-in-law relationships, it is a common enough situation, so much so that even during dating, women fear getting entangled with their to-be mothers-in-law.

However, a Nigerian movie is out to tackle such situations to the barest minimum. Titled, “Mothers and Daughters In-law”, the movie, which was premiered to a select audience recently at The Palms Cinema in Lekki, Lagos, portrays different women with different scenario and how each of them finds a way around the hurdles.

The movie, which was jam-packed with intrigues revolving around mothers and daughters in-law relationships in a typical African environment, Nigeria in particular, is hitting the cinemas today, Friday, June 7 and would be showing from to June 13, 2019 at designated cinemas across the nation.

Married for seven year with two kids, Kehinde Olorunyomi, an award-winning screenwriter, actor and director, is the writer and director of the movie, “Mothers and Daughters In-law”.

Speaking with journalists on the inspiration for the movie, she said, “I had the inspiration to write the play about five years ago when my marriage was still very young even though my own mother in-law is a unique type. I never had problems with her.