Nigerian guy narrates how he was robbed by men wearing suits on Third Mainland Bridge

A Nigerian guy took to Twitter to give the ordeal he experienced of how he was robbed by men putting on suits on Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos.

According to @theakinakinboye the incident occurred around 5:18 am, after he boarded a Toyota Camry taxi the suit wearing robbers were in.

He tweeted,

I was robbed on 3rd Mainland bridge today. Men on suit, with guns in a Toyota Camry. Guys! Everyone in that car wore suits!

Around 5:18 am this morning (on my way to the office), I joined a car with 3 guys on suit. Immediately I step into the car, the car was locked The guy in front brought out a gun, the one beside me took everything I have with me. They dropped me off on 3rd Mainland Bridge

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