LASTMA In Lagos Ceased Lady Phone For Recording Them Doing illegal Operation

Video: LASTMA Official Seizes Lady’s Phone For Trying To Record His illegal
Acts while On Duty

An authority of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority touched off the rage of occupants of Lagos after he held onto the telephone of a woman who had a go at recording a supposed criminal behavior/blackmail he was apparently completing. Twitter client @MrMan who shared the video said the episode happened at Alagomeji bus station and the traffic official supposedly wound up annihilating the woman’s telephone. He tweeted; Quote @followlastma official harmed this current lady’s telephone at Alagomeji bus station early today since she recorded his criminal operations. Same LASTMA officials that are constantly first to bring out telephone to record traffic wrongdoers. On the off chance that what he was doing was correct, why harm the telephone?

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