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How To Make Your Ex Friend Think & Have Feelings About You

Posted By:  on  February 26, 2019

These are tips On How To Make Your Ex Friend Think & Have Feelings About You

4 Powerful Ways To Make Your Ex Obsess About You

There are quite a few ways to make an ex obsess about you. However, I recognize the fact that you don’t have all day and you are probably looking for the most effective methods.

So, I won’t bore you with the complete list.

Here is what I plan on doing instead.

I’m going to give you my 4 most powerful strategies for making an ex become obsessed with you,

1、Ensure That You Use Social Media Properly

2、The More Your Ex Invests In You The More Likely They Are To Obsess About You

3、Understand The Good Feelings Vs. Bad Feelings Strategy

4、Create An Open Loop In Your Interactions

Way #1: Ensure That You Use Social Media Properly

“Should I use social media to get my ex back?”

I think a pretty strong argument can be made that social media is an essential component towards getting your ex back.

This is especially true when it comes to making your ex obsess over you.

But in order for me to fully explain that idea to you I think we need to do a deep dive into what obsession really is.

What Making Your Ex Obsess Over You Really Means And How Social Media Fits In

When someone is obsessing over something it’s just another way of saying that they can’t stop thinking about it.

Way #2: The More Your Ex Invests In You The More Likely They Are To Obsess Over You

In fact, when I think of things that I have obsessed about this month I can put them into two distinct categories.

1、There are the positive things that I’ve obsessed about (which is what this section is going to cover.)

2、And then there are the negative things that I’ve obsessed about

To me, there is nothing better than becoming obsessed with a good book. However, the more I read the more difficult it is for me to find something that hooks me in.

I became so obsessed because of all the work and effort I put into it.

The more time I invested into reading it the more I cared.

But I think there was more to it than that even. There were payoffs that made me keep wanting to come back for more.

This is the perfect analogy for dealing with your ex.

Look at it like a game.

The more you can get them to invest into you the better.

But investment alone isn’t enough to get them to obsess. That’s where the next principle comes into play.

Way #3: Good Feelings Vs. Bad Feelings Strategy

What is the good feelings vs. bad feelings strategy?

Simply put, human beings are drawn towards things that make them feel good and run from things that make them feel bad.

Of course, sometimes bad things make people feel good but I think this illustrates the point beautifully.

Despite a behavior being bad for someone they will still continue to engage in it if it makes them feel good.

So, how do we apply this concept on our exes?

Every interaction you have with your ex accomplishes two things.

You are building up their investment into your relationship.

You are also provided an opportunity to make them come away with the interaction positively

Here’s something that might blow your mind.

Your ex doesn’t care about you.

They care about themselves.

They care about how they feel.

The easiest way to get someone to do something you want is to convince them that there is something awesome in it for them.

I only go to the movies when I think a movie is worth watching. I do this because I am hoping the movie will give me “the feels.”

That’s how your ex needs to feel in interactions with you and then they’ll start obsessing.

Way #4: Create An Open Loop

There is one other element that I think can be extremely effective in making an ex obsess about you.

And that’s the idea of the open loop.

First things first, what is an open loop?

Well, an open loop is a rhetorical device used to instill curiosity and create anticipation

Here’s the funny thing about open loops. When a human being is confronted with one all they want to do is close it.

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