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Gist: Adekunle Gold & Simi’s Love Story Exposed In 3 Songs

Posted By:  on  January 16, 2019

The great news of Adekunle Gold and Simi got us thinking about how these artistes hid themselves in plain sight of what we, at a time felt was just music, but in reality, their relationship was in public from day one and they followed the great rule of communication to always talk about how they feel and what was going through their head through songs that became hits.

These 3 songs prove how public Adekunle and Simi made their relationship from day one. Contrary to what people think about how private their relationship was, it was the most public relationship in the history of Nigerian artistes (as far as I the author of this know), but we saw it as music or rather they allowed us to see it as music. These artistes communicated how they felt in what later became their various hit singles and you know what? They made their communications our communications.

We sang the conversations of their hearts but we still never got that confirmation that we were doing just that, brilliant isn’t it? With the news of this marriage, we looked at three songs from both artistes and we realized that at every major step in their lives, they have been a public communication of what was going on but we didn’t catch on, we just enjoyed the great music as it was given. Adekunle Gold started the public communication with Sade and this was a beautiful piece about how he woes this woman, who right now we want to believe is Simi.

Listening to the song today, 9th of January which is the day of their marriage, it just makes you realize that Adekunle gold from Day one knew what he wanted and that was Simi. Cut isn’t it.

The song came at a time when we listen to songs, and still do, about how a boy just wants to get laid hence he sings about the woman’s body and money and sex but this song was different. This song was about love, commitment and forever, a forever he promise Simi and they’ve already started. Let’s move on to the next, Orente .

This song is another way of telling us how his woman, which we’ve all decided is Simi, has decided to stay with him despite attention she receives from men richer than him. Why the Simi conclusion on this song, well, he said “Dorobucci dey toast you” in the song. Nope, it doesn’t have to be Don Jazzy or anyone from Mavin Records but it gives you a hint that this woman he sings about is in the same industry with him.

But let’s move away from Don Jazzy or whatever idea you’re getting and go into the costume and character of the lady in the video of Orente. The lady used in the song has Simi’s facial features like shape and the fashion style, come on guys! We probably didn’t know at that point, but not this time. Over time, we have seen that Simi’s fashion is tomboyish and comfort and that was exactly what was displayed in that video. Great characterization I must say. We know they’ve both continually not denied dating, they’ve just always been diplomatic with their responses which is understandable concerning how most people in this present world treat whatever information they get their hands on. So yes, they dated in plain sight of music that we didn’t know, thinking they were just songs. Smart move. Finally, No Forget is the last on our list and this song, we believe talked about their real story and it’s so beautiful that they both came together on this track to express their own hearts, amazing duet!

The song takes us to the beginning, or what at least feels like it, where we see Adekunle Gold making a decision to move on to be the man Simi’s mother supposedly want for her. This is obviously after Sade and Orente, guess that’s why he didn’t tell us how they met, he already did in Sade and her opinion about him being the “I never chop” guy.

I’m guessing (Well, that’s all we can do, guess because they haven’t given us a fact to hold on to other than surprises to Kiss to marriage)… yeah, so according to my guess which has a great probability of being the fact, Simi agrees to date Adekunle Gold and refuses the attention of the Dorobuccis Adekunle Gold spoke about in Orente and boom! the mother reminded the Simi that love cannot feed her, she should leave “I never chops “ and try to chop life(although we’ll just see this part as part pf music than reality, but oh well…). Adekunle heard the gist, the matter pain the guy and he decided that moment to work like never before and provide for his Orente the way she deserves…

It’s about time! The thought process of the journey to becoming this correct golden guy was a tough one and that is what we saw in No Forget. The conversation between two lovers who need to be better for each other so they can come together and create something bigger than themselves for each other. In No Forget, Adekunle Gold explains to his lover who was obviously Simi, as she was in the video, that he needed to go away and hustle so he can take care of her.

He assures her he’ll be back, all he needs to do is to go work, but while he’s gone, the Dorobuccis of life are liable to come around her to tease her with their wealth and fine boy nature. In these hard times, she should not forget how far they’ve come in their love story and life together… awwwww! Sora f’awon boys yen o Tin ba lo won ma tan e o Mase gbagbe bi ati n ba bo o Mi o ni pe de Sora f’awon boys yen o If i go dem go toast you No forget how far we’ve gone o baby Mi o ni pe de No forget o, no forget say o No forget o, Mase gbagbe o bi ati n ba bo o No forget o, no forget say o No forget o, Mase gbagbe o bi ati n ba bo o But it turns out Adekunle is not the only scared partner in the relationship, which is the beautiful thing about this song. I love how it shows ladies too that it’s okay to make your fear and insecurities known to your partner so they don’t feel you’re not scared to lose them. Adekunle Gold was scared to lose Simi just as she was also scared to lose him and all that are evident in the video as she sings. Her part seems like the progression of their relationship when he has already gone. (So now you’ll see why this has always been their story). While we watch the video and see a distance relationship, Fame is a journey and that was the journey Adekunle took, that was the journey they both took. To go hustle and make something great from their great talents. Everybody suspected but nobody knew for a fact except people close to them that they were dating.

In reality, some guys would’ve taken advantage of that to ignorance of the majority to cheat on their partner or give undue attention to other ladies or guys when they shouldn’t and easily free themselves from judgement by saying “they threw themselves at me…”. we all know what fame can do. So fame was Adekunle’s journey and while on this journey, Simi admits that she’s hurt but also expresses her fear by telling Adekunle not to be distracted by the Bellas of life because they can’t love him better. She understands his decisions and looks forward to his return when they’ll tie the knot and be one but while on this journey, he should know she’s thinking about him and not forget how far they’ve come… who’s slicing onions around me? This is so sweet to witness that what we saw as just music was the real communication of two hearts who took a chance at love and won or rather still winning. Back to my point. Now you can accept, (I expect you to) that these two lovebirds haven’t been dating under our nose, they’ve been as public as the word P U B L I C goes; very clear but we have intentionally decided to be blind about their business and be surprised at their obvious revelation.

Wow! You guys! So what do we think about this strategy? We think it’s brilliant! We think they couldn’t have done a better job at making great music with their lives and love story. So when you think “Simi’s songs are so relatable” well yes, they are because they’re her life… not all of them though, but when it has to do with the golden boy chopping money, you’ll know.

That’s it guys! Please let us know if we missed any significant song in the lives of Adekunle Gold and Simi that is not in this article. Once again, happy married life to you guys! We wish you every beautiful thing that marriage comes with and more. Congratulations again to Adekunle Gold and Sim

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