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Few Days To the Election, Nigerians what your Decision

Posted By:  on  February 10, 2019

Few Days To the Election,
Nigerians what your Decision

In Few days or there about Nigerians will decide and chose the leader that will anchor the govt for another four years.

Manya people are clamouring for the second term of PMB I respect the choice of those who want to vote in PMB as their anointed messiah again in 2019 it is their constitutional right and they are entitled to it.

There are unanswered questions apc stalwarts and faithfuls are dodging and I will be happy if anyone answer me those questions:

1. What becomes of Ganduje as we speak?

2. EFCC are searching for orji Kalu but he was present at the campaign ground of APC. why was he roaming freely?

3. Is babachir Lawan untouchable? 4. What becomes of rotimi amaechi and all his cases before efcc?

5. Is it true when you join apc your sins will be forgiven?

6. Why was Akpabio’s effc case sleeping after joining APC?

7. Are you sure pmb did not have 40million to obtain his nomination form?

8. What becomes the issue of insurrection in the Nigerian Army why is their commander walkimgndreely after series of allegation

9. What happen to the idp camp mess?

10. Why was buhari replacing every keypost with a northerner?

11. Why is he committing unforgivable offences at campaign ground e.g i. raising the hands of another person ii. Saying he came to power in 2005 iii. Calling another person person presidential candidate

12. Did Muhammad Buhari said he will only run for single term I. 2011 at the age of 72? Now why running for another term in 2019 at questionable age of 76 in 2019 ( do the mathematics) READ APGA Accuses PDP Of Being Behind Abia INEC Office Fire

13. What becomes the herdsmen killing spree in the north when will baba declare them as terrorist? Any solution yet?

14. I will run over Boko Haram in six months and now this is going to four years Boko Haram are marauding and displacing the Nigerian force why?

15. What becomes the huge acclaimed fund retracted from abroad and within the country?

16. If the treasury is empty and the economy is bad as they wanted us to believed why did Nigerian people voted them in? Is it not because of theese anomalies? Is this not negligence on PMB?

17. In three years PMB GOVT has borrowed more than what jonathan borrowed in 8years? And nothing is changing yet please We need an answer

18. if Atiku is corrupt as they wanted us to belief why is he walking freely as of today without any immunity.?

19.Did pmb suddenly knew about Atiku loot? Was he not the one who sponsored apc campaign in 2015? Why was he innocent then but guilty now?

20. Why is he not signing the electoral bill into law and why was he dragging about the minimum wage he truly love Nigerian workers

21. The wife said his husband is not the one ruling us please what has become of those few urspers ruling us according to PMB ‘s wife?

22. we must not eat imported rice can he show us the snapshot of his store in Aso rock? Why is baba is enjoying imported health care from England? This is is uneven scale don’t you think? 23 “I will not the office of the First Lady” said Buhari but what becomes of the well furnished office of Aisha in Aso villa? Don’t tell me we are playing game of deception here 24. READ Must Read!!!- Stephanie Okereke Gets Special Recognition From Los Angeles City Council For Trending Movie ‘Dry’ “there is nothing called fuel subsidy APC 2014” and now in 2015 the first action of PMB was to remove fuel subsidy and please what happen to our refinery and then the subsidy for removed in thear four years? We must not be led across the garden path we must allow the Nigerian politicians to put wool across our faces We need to shine our eyes and vote judiciously to our conscience We must vote out the scam called APC Let us take it back so Nigeria can work again. A word is enough for the wise. we must rise to expose the scam we must defend our country from liars. a vote for for a repentant sinner is better than a vote for a certified professional scammers. #Atikulate2019 I stand with #AtikuObi in baba obasanjo’s voice I never claimed Atiku is an angel but he will do much more better than buhari even in double folds.

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