Evangelist Ebuka Obi has responded to accusations that he staged a staged healing with the sick actor John Okafor, a.k.a. Mr. Ibu.

Recall how a traditionalist claimed that Mr. Ibu had deceived the public at Ebuka Obi’s church by performing a fictitious miraculous feat?

He went on to express his satisfaction at Mr. Ibu’s amputation of a limb, attributing it to the fallout from his deceit.

Obi addressed his congregation in response, disputing the false statement. He claims that the actor visited his church on his own, not as reported that he invited Mr. Ibu.

Ebuka Obi claimed he doesn’t even watch films, so he doesn’t know Mr.

He said that until someone brought up the actor’s church attendance, he had no idea that Ibu was a famous person.

Regarding the alleged staged miracle, Ebuka Obi stated that Ibu never even asked for the actor’s prayers for healing and that the actor did not testify on Zion Ministry’s altar.

He went on to say that the only thing Mr. Ibu had to complain about was not having enough money, and that in return, he had been kind enough to offer him some cash.

The pastor went on to lament the countless lies that people had spread about him in an attempt to get feedback. He compared his situation to that of the late pastor T.B. Joshua.