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Etinosa Has Called Out Mc Galaxy On Instagram For Insinuating That Her Now Viral Nude Video Was Staged

Posted By:  on  June 13, 2019

Etinosa drags MC Galaxy on Instagram over viral nude video

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Etinosa has called out MC Galaxy on Instagram for insinuating that her now viral nude video was staged. Obviously, the drama that surrounded Etinosa’s now infamous controversial nude video is far from over as she has dragged MC Galaxy over his recent comments.

The actress took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, where she shared a long post about MC Galaxy’s latest comments where he alleged that they both conspired to release her nude video.

“Stop lying to Nigerians. They are not stupid. This is the last I will say on this hurtful issue. It hurts me a lot and you can tell by the harsh stupid way I cursed an innocent child because his father won’t stop throwing it at my face.

However, after that happened I tried talking to a real therapist and it really works- I have made significant progress. i am working really hard to be a better person. I no longer feel rage or pain when fans troll me about it. I laugh. Moving on the process isn’t as easy as it sounds on tv.

“By 9 pm on Africa Magic Urban you would see me again looking all perfect and talking perfect too but it’s not as easy as it looks on tv so no one should make it more complicated by adding lies. You can’t try to win Nigerians by lying to them. An effective damage control should avoid lies(MCG you would know this but you are an illiterate surrounded by illiterates). I have said my truth. I was caught at an unguarded moment, someone I called my friend recorded me and sent it to blogs. I take full responsibility and am trying to move on.

I advise all parties involved including the nude video viewers to move on. Thanks 🙏,” she captioned the post.

Obviously, the drama that surrounded Etinosa’s now infamous nude video is far from over as she has dragged MC Galaxy over his recent comments

Etinosa’s comments are coming few days after MC Galaxy revealed that Etinosa going nude during their Instagram Live conversation was planned. The singer made the revelation during an interview with HIP TV. “I think I need to say the whole truth about this live video thing once and for all. The live video thing we planned it. Me and Etinosa actually planned that stuff but I wasn’t happy the way the whole thing turned out to be on me alone. We planned it but we did not plan she would ”over naked” like that. She overdid it when she came on live video,” he said.

MC Galaxy revealed during an interview with HIP TV that Etinosa going nude during their Instagram Live conversation was planned

A few months ago during an exclusive interview with PULSE, Etinosa had revealed that her actions during the now famous nude video were as a result of the alcohol she took. She, however, explained that she was moving on from the drama. I should have been more careful with alcohol says Etinosa on IG video controversy

For Etinosa who plans to move on from the drama, she said all she prays for now is forgiveness from God. She, however, expressed shock at how her video went out in public despite the fact it was supposed to be a private video.

“I don’t really know, I can’t say anything about the person who sent the video to Instablog or how it got there. Those things are private things. Your weakness should be covered but unfortunately for me, I happened to be out there.

The people who are judging at the moment, I don’t really blame you guys, it’s fine because I put myself in the spot and I take full responsibility for the incident.

Etinosa is moving on from the drama that surrounded her now famous Instagram live video

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