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Don’t Allow El Zakzaky Die In Your Custody, Group Tells Buhari

Posted By:  on  July 5, 2019

Don’t Allow El Zakzaky Die In Your Custody, Group Urges Buhari – NAIJA NEWS.


Press Statement 

Thursday July 4, 2019

_Health Status Of Shiite Leader El-Zakzaky &Wife : The Way Out For President Buhari’s Government_ 

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

We are aware that on 22nd day of January, 2019, the legal counsel of the detained Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenah Ibraheem made an application requesting unrestricted access to their doctors for urgent medical examination.

Subsequent to that development, the Kaduna State High Court, presided by Justice G. Kurada granted the request to allow the defendant’s chosen physicians to examine them.

On April 25 , 2019, a delegation of expert doctors and consultants led by the Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC) gained access to Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife for the first time and conducted initial medical investigations on both the Sheikh and his wife. 

What came out from the investigation was very disturbing. ICRP medical team were able to have some explanation about the results which part of it states that in the case of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, he had obstructed blood flow to the heart (Myocardial Ischemia and Left ventricular hypertrophy) which poses a serious risk of a heart attack. Severe cervical spondylitis causing nerve root compression. 

In his right eye the diagnosis was severe visual impairment, progressive open angle glaucoma and progressive macular atrophy and other issues that can inevitably lead to permanent blindness. In the left eye the diagnosis was Anophthalmia, which is to say that the left eye is completely absent. 

Furthermore (Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning were also observed.) The tests revealed unusually high concentrations of lead and cadmium in his blood. Meaning that the full extent of the damage may yet be much higher than can be easily ascertained. 

In the case of Malama Zeenah Ibraheem, the report stated Sinus arrhythmia a condition characterized by heart rhythms that fluctuate between being too fast or too slow. Severe bilateral knee osteoarthritis, which is a painful and crippling condition, requiring urgent surgical treatment . 

Tracing back to the lane of history , before the Sheikh was brought to Kaduna, the authorities had neglected his condition until he had a stroke, his wife’s condition was not given proper attention until it becomes impossible for her to walk. 

Both of them have high level degree of injuries they sustained from the gun shots of the military while they were attacked in their home in December 2015.

What is the meaning of all these ? The Government has to come out clear and explain to Nigerians the reason of all these unconstitutional act against Sheikh Zakzaky .

_Our advise to Mr President Muhammadu Buhari_

The current state of health of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah is a medical emergency issue and should be dealt with immediately by handing them over to their family members so that they can be treated in a good quality healthcare facility outside the country as their doctors stated. 

Their state of health has been deteriorating due to the negligence and untimely interventions, caused by the unnecessarily restricted nature of their access to medical care for for nearly four years. 

We love our dear country Nigeria ,we will not like any situation that will lead to the death of Sheikh Zakzaky in the hands of the Nigerian authorities.

All citizens have rights to life and health. This means nobody, including the Government, can deprive them of that right. It also means the Government should take appropriate measures to safeguard life of all people by making laws to protect any one whose life is at risk.

This is part of their right to life provided by the law. This is a fundamental right of every citizen under section 33 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (CFRN),1999 as amended and article 4 of African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, Cap.A10, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria ( LFN), 2004.

On a final note , it is mandatory for Mr president to act immediately. 


DR .Yahaya Abubakar 
Barr Geoffery Netochukwu 
Comrade Godwin Ekoja
Barrister Bala Hassan 
Comrade Ahmad S Isa 
Prince Adelaja Adeoye

For information and actions as appropriate

United Nations

The European Union 

The African Union 

The Federal Executive Council,Federal Republic of Nigeria

Speaker,House of Assembly,Nigeria

Speaker,House of Representatives,Nigeria

Twitter :@_ICRP_ 
Email: iconciliationrp@gmail.com

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