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Do You Know That Timely Marriage Is God’s Plan For You ?

Posted By:  on  April 7, 2019

Timely Marriage Is GOD’s Original Plan For Mankind

Majority of the people on this wonderful forum are youths, and we all know that libido is highest during this period of human life. Personally I believe that YAHWEH ALMIGHTY did not make mistake by creating us so, neither has HE decided to punish us by giving us the sweet ability and then restraint us from enjoying it in order to punish us for disobedience. 

So, how did we get here?! JESUS said “But from the beginning it was not so… ” Matthew 19:8 Often times, we refer to the era of our fore-fathers when the world was not as evil, selfish and dangerous as it is now. The sanity of those era was primarily because humans marry at the original age-range biologically programmed by our Creator. Averagely, puberty ends between 18 and 22. This means the physical and emotional features for uniting with your one and only soulmate and set out on your destiny fulfillment as a Couple are fully ready. 

Those days, right from childhood, knowing that you are certain of marrying early gives you the patience of not stealing sexual enjoyment, so most men and women marry as Virgins. Those days, by the time a boy is 16, the father and elders apportion to him a farm/business and set him up to be financially self-sustaining. So, by 18 to 2something he’s already comfortable and married. In Biblical times and up till some few generations past, people marry between 16 to 22 or 25. Down the age, history has shown that the more immoral the world becomes the more humans becomes enemies to fellow neighbors. 

When a virgin human falls in Love and give his/her body to the soulmate, it’s in the hope that that would be the only person forever. Sex is very powerful and spiritual, that is why you will always feel something for your very first person, because you are forever spiritually connected. 

Those Virgins here are advised to please marry as Virgins, the benefit is limitless. You should notice that the day a guy/girl has sex with a second person order than the one that flowered her/him, some part of the conscience dies. And it’s a scientific fact that the more numerous sexual partners a human has (the more promiscuous a human is) the deader the person’s conscience. All other vices known in humanity emerges from this emerged stone heart of dead conscience. Satan has been carefully luring and manipulating mankind down the ages by dragging and elongating the age of financial self-sustenance so that marriage would come far much later after the conscience has been seared with a hot iron, to ensure we become lawless, cold-hearted and self-annihilated. 

He knows that the best way to destroy a Man’s conscience, dip hand into his Glory/Destiny and deaden his GOD-given spiritual antenna is to make him a sexual nonentity. A sexual nonentity is someone that has lost self control and becomes a defenseless entity. Such become open to the reception and manipulation of various demons through sex, Proverbs 25:28. 1 Corinthians 6:18 makes it clear that immorality is a sin against yourself because you destroy your GOD-given shield, authority and allow the manipulation of your glorious destiny through it.

Read: Through these all, JESUS Christ has always been with us, helping us and strengthening us through all ages to preserve us fit for Eternal Life that Satan does not want us to possess. 
Isaiah 41:10 — “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your GOD”
Read: Psalm 119:9, James 1:14–16, 5. II Timothy 2:22, 1 Corinthians 6:8, I John 2:1.

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