Big Brother Naija is never short of Drama and that is what Nigerians want, right!!!

Hours before Sunday’s eviction, Seyi was caught on camera swearing at fellow housemate, Thelma, following a disagreement.

The drama started when Seyi casually walked up to Thelma and then farted. Thelma frowned at that action and angrily lashed out at him.

Later on, in a conversation with Ike and Mercy, Seyi who was under the influnce, expressed his anger in a lengthy rant.

His words ;

“There was a day she disrespected me because of apple and tangerine. Did anyone hear about that? I ain’t a kid. I tried my best to treat everybody equally somebody think they can call me, Emi Oluwaseyi Awolowo, 1st of his name will disrespect me. Because she can shake her nyash.

“Koni dafun, her prosperity has gone as far as I am concerned. She should pray to God because I, I put my two left feet on the floor and I will say that her prosperity is in the hands of whoever she believes in.

“That her brother that went, he has gone with what she has been looking for. Until she realizes sense before it will come back again. How will someone that is not speaking to you will be insulting you in your presence, the person will not say anything and you’ll come back and call the person rubbish? Bull sh3t.”

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