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BBC Caught UNILAG Lecturer Red-handed Positioning A Female Student For S*x To Make Her Pass Exams

Posted By:  on  October 7, 2019

VIRAL NEWS: BBC Caught UNILAG Lecturer Red-handed Positioning A Female Student For S*x To Make Her Pass Exams

BBC Africa Eye sent covert writers acting like understudies inside the College of Lagos and the College of Ghana. Nigerian journalist, Kiki Mordi went covert to UNILAG and prevailing with regards to revealing the lewd behavior that goes on in the organization. The examination brought about a Unilag speaker being disclosed after he was trapped in the scenario, and this is as of now slanting on Twitter.

As indicated by BBC Africa Eye, their examination saw female journalists “explicitly bothered, propositioned and put under strain by senior speakers at the organizations – at the same time wearing mystery cameras.” Dr Boniface Igbeneghu, an instructor at the Staff of Expressions in Unilag was additionally uncovered. He is a previous sub-senior member and the head minister of the nearby Foursquare Gospel Church. Picture In the video, Dr Boniface is seen telling the BBC columnist who acted like a 17-year-old young lady looking for confirmation that he is a minister in his 50s however can get a lovely young lady like her who is 17 with simply “sweet tongue” and “cash”.

He welcomed her to his office a second time where he said a petition with her. Be that as it may, it was no normal petition. While supplicating, he is considered interestingly to be his hip as his effectively erect male part squeezed against his pant. He at that point vowed to assist her with confirmation at that point got some information about her sexual coexistence. “At what age did you start engaging in sexual relations,” he asked her.

BBC Caught UNILAG Lecturer Red-handed Positioning A Female Student For S*x To Make Her Pass Exams

He additionally disclosed to her that teachers in the organization have a spot where they take understudies to kiss and engage in sexual relations with them. He said it’s known as the “chilly room” and female understudies who engage in sexual relations with instructors there get supported by such teachers since they’ve paid with their body. He proceeded to protect this training. During the columnist’s fourth visit to his office, Dr Boniface turned out to be extremely revolting. “Would you like to kiss me?” he inquired. She attempted to dodge yet he asked once more, “Answer. Would you like to kiss me?” He proceeded: “Do you need a kiss. On the off chance that you need me to kiss you, switch off this light, lock the entryway, I’ll kiss you for a moment.

That is their main thing in the ‘cool room’. ” He at that point went into the restroom. When he rose, he said to the covert correspondent, “Time for virus room understanding.” He at that point turned off the light and bolted the entryway to his office before going to join the understudy on the love seat and started constraining her to approach him. Dr Paul Kwame Butako, a teacher at the College of Ghana’s School of Training was likewise one of those uncovered. In a video, he is seen propositioning the covert correspondent for sex. Dr Butako was gotten on camera saying: “What number of folks have disclosed to you no doubt about it?” He included:

“Give me a chance to be your side kid; side person. Men have side chics. possibly you’ll be my side and I’ll likewise be your side. Since I’m hitched. My significant other isn’t in the nation however. My better half is out of the nation.”

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