10 Different Types Of People You’ll Find In A Nigerian Organization (No. 5 Are So Annoying)

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Working with people in an organization can be very interesting and annoying at the same time.

Different people pull up different attitude at different time and the only reason you would have problem with people at work is if you don’t understand them.

Below are 10 different people you will meet in a typical Nigerian organization:-

1. The Religions Ones

You see this people enh, you will never meet them in any argument or convo which seems to be worldly.

They will tell you “you better tell me about the book of genesis and  exodus” they’ll make you feel like you’re on the wrong side of life.

The ladies will come to work covering everything, you can’t even touch or hug them at work, na wahala!!


2. The Ones That Know Their Right

This set of people will never go beyond their duty, they resume before resumption time and close exactly closing hour, no jara.

Let me tell you one thing, you can use them to set a reminder, once they stand up you know it’s closing time already.

They don’t do anything beyond or their work, tell them to do extra job for the company, they will tell you that’s not what they are employed for.

If anything happen at work, they will want to prove point.

3. The Late Comers

These ones can come late even on their wedding day.

No matter how hardworking they are, they always come to work late. It’s either they have side hustle making them come later or lateness just dey their blood

4. The Small Gods

Never mess with these people or else you’re done with your job already, they are not the CEO but they have what it takes to make the CEO sack you and can as well cover your errors.

If this set of people should reason your matter my friend, start your 41 days fasting and prayer.

What they want from you is to worship them and follow their order.

If you’re in this group, make una waka jeje because nothing lasts forever.

5. The Broke

I don’t know how this people manage their wage, if they receive their salary today, the next day they are broke, they keep telling you they are broke each and every month.

Come to think of it, they’ll be broke and always get transport fare to come to office everyday.

Well done sir and ma

6. The Richest One

OBO! These people are so complicated at times, most times they leave beyond their salaries.

Even the boss will be like “ibo leleyi tin ri owo, egbami?’

They be like “the wig I bought last week was N185k” when salary na 35k. Kuku kill us!

7. The Workaholic

This people carry work for head like ‘mofedaku‘, they’ll always leave office after everyone.

Even if they get home they’ll still do many things that pertains to the office.

If you have these kinds of people as friends, just forget it, they won’t reply your WhatsApp message on time.

Three gbosa for them.

8. The Fashionistas

Awon eyan Gucci_branch

This people always put on nice wears and expensive shit, they might be broke and still look nice.

They will be oppressing everybody in the office with fine-fine wears and clothes.

9. The Pretenders

These ones are so annoying, they will concentrate on their laptop as if they are working but if you check closely, they are chatting with their friends on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Some people will be at work and be doing yahoo-yahoo on the side, chatting with their clients

In this category, you will see some people doing outside freelance job pretending as if they are working for the organization that is paying them monthly.

If you’re in this group, God is watching you.

10. The Last Omo-Ase

Like Aloma DMW once said, even the last omo-asein DMW went to visit Naira Marley in EFCC custody.

Like DMW, every workplace has their own last Omo-ASE, the one with least qualification, least quality of life, infact, these ones carry last in everything.

Most times, they are the most senseless in the organizationbut they play a vital role.

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