Seven from heaven: 25-year-old lady naturally delivers septuplets –

The 25-year-old woman is believed to have delivered the first septuplets in the country

Youssef Fadl, the children’s father, revealed that he and his wife now have ten children to look after
In what is believed to be a miracle, a woman has successfully delivered septuplets in Iraq. The woman who delivered her babies naturally is said to be in good health, with her newborn children also doing well.
According to DailyMail, the woman is the first to deliver septuplets in the Middle-Eastern country. It was gathered that she put to birth at a hospital in Diyali province.

Hospital spokesperson revealed that the unidentified woman had delivered six girls and one son.
25-year-old lady gives birth to septuplets naturally Photo source: DailyMail

The children’s father. Youssed Fadl, explained that he and his wife never planned to expand their family. He revealed that they now have ten children to take care of, including the three children they already had.

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